Poet of Eternal Return By Antonio T. De Nicolas

Edited by Christopher Key Chapple

Sacred Thread: Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras

Text and translation by Christopher Key Chapple, Beth Sternlieb and Cris Antunes

Light with No Shadow: My Life Bridging Two Cultures

Honest, witty and wise, Doshi's memoir is a testament to a life of bridgebuilding between the deep psychology of the Indian tradition and the egalitarianism and material organization of modern America.

The Clasp of Civilizations

(Hard Cover) by Richard Hartz


(Hard Cover) by Renuka Sharma

Transcendence: Saving Us from Ourselves

(Paperback) by Navin Doshi

Economics and Nature

(Paperback) by Navin Doshi

Seven Quartets of Becoming (Paperback)

by Debashish Banerji - Yoga is the elevation of one's consciousness to achieve its highest potential. The Seven Quartets, based on the personal practice of India's greatest modern yogi, introduces an integrated approach to this highest elevation in all the parts of one's being.